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Blockchain Chapter 3 – Gemstone Blockchain and Traceability

We’re proud to announce the 3rd Chapter of our Blockchain Series. In the previous chapters on our Blockchain series we spoke about De Beers’ program Tracr with interviews by Mr. Mahiar Borhanjoo, Managing Director – Venus Jewels International and Mr. Vishal Mehta, Chairperson – Rosy Blue DMCC. Now we’ll be looking into articles by two luminaries of the gemstone industry.

Dr. Laurent Cartier and Dr. Saleem Ali of the Knowledge Hub wrote about traceability in the gem and jewellery industry in an elaborate article. This paper was published in the Journal of Gemmology and is entitled ‘Blockchain, Chain of Custody and Trace Elements: An Overview of Tracking and Traceability Opportunities in the Gem Industry’. They talk about how the recent developments have brought due diligence, along with tracking and traceability, to the forefront of discussions and requirements in the diamond, coloured stone and pearl industries. It also provides an overview of current trends and developments in the tracking and traceability of gems, along with an explanation of the terms used in this context.

Download PDF copy of the article.

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