Diamond Grading Lab (DGL)

Hands-on practice lab classes offered at IIG ® Campuses with professional coaching.
Diamond grading lab is designed to intensify the comprehensive practical study of diamonds. IIG ® provides complete practical training on Diamonds Grading lab sessions with professional coaching.

Course Contents

Grade diamonds as per, International grading standards for Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat Weight

Learn to grade diamonds with the aid of 10x loupe as per market practice.

Learn about diamond treatments for colour and clarity, coating, irradiation, fracture-filling, and laser drilling.

Learn and identify the common diamond look-alikes (simulants) such as synthetic moissanite, cubic zirconia, zircon, synthetic rutile, ST, GGG and YAG

Learn about synthetic diamonds (man-made / lab-grown diamonds)

Duration:1 Week
Fees:On request

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