Venus Grading System ®

Need of Indian Grading Standards

Understand how When it comes to determining a diamond's quality, there is a universally accepted standard known as the four C's: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weigh.

India is the manufacturing and trading hub for the world, out of 12 diamonds 11 are cut and polished in India. But actually to determine the PRICES or VALUE of diamonds 4 C’s which is universally accepted parameters are not enough. There are many other special features which can influence the VALUE of a diamond. As India is the world leader in manufacturing and trading about Diamonds, we need to have Indian Grading Standards to get as close as possible regarding the Pricing and Costing of the diamonds.


Venus Grading System (VGS) ® was formerly and first designed by Venus Jewel after extensive Research and Development in 1996, was the first time established the Indian standards on quality parameters and grading of polished diamonds. VGS ® is the foremost grading system designed by Indian diamond company Venus Jewel. It’s proprietary incorporates 20 Grading Parameters as of today, Including The Conventional 4 C’s resulting in the most accurate, comprehensive detailing of a diamond’s qualities providing an unprecedented level Of transparency and consumer confidence. VGS ® and it’s special 20 features was accepted by many customers and buyers worldwide.

The VGS ® system given us the ability to define the precise and minute characteristics of each diamond, Allowing us to pioneer The SPP (Single Piece Packing) concept which set a benchmark for the entire industry. Also Venus Grading System helped online purchasing and trading diamonds through internet and purchasing portals from all around the globe. It was never easy to sell and purchase diamonds without physical examination; buyer could confidently buy the desired diamond and can choose from 100’s of options. This all made possible and easy by Venus Grading System and It’s 20 Special grading parameters of polished diamonds.

Introduction - The Venus Grading System - VGS ®

We have constantly challenged ourselves to improve on the precision of our grading of each and every stone. This has given us the confidence and credibility to develop and continually refine our exacting standards so that today we incorporate 20 grading parametersand characteristics into thegradingof everysingle stone.

The integrity of the whole system is based on the rigorous accuracy and consistency that our skilled workforce applies to this, and the failsafe systems that support everything we do.

We believe that VGS ® is uniquely able to provide you with a level of price transparency and accuracy that previously was thought to be unobtainable

Some of the unique features are :

Uniquely simple, trustworthy and hassle-free grading methodology that saves immense time, money and effort inmakingthe right selections

Comprehensive and accurate analysis of each stone beyond the 4C's, using around 350+ criteria specific master stones

IT monitored gradingensures the highest level of precision andconsistency

Logical, understandable and totally unbiased grading, driven by our unique, incentive based wage system

Offers easy goods selection without the need for re-grading or third party assessment

Provides detailed visualization of adiamond without physically viewing it

Venus Grading Parameters

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